The effects of Anolis sagrei, an exotic lizard, on spider diversity in Taiwan. (1/3) (NSC 93-2621-B-029-002)


Anolis sagrei, an exotic lizard species, was first recorded in Chiayi county, Taiwan, in 2000. Changes in structure of the plantation and food web by recently introduced Anolis sagrei could affect spider population size and species number. Therefore, we used spiders as ecological indicator of the effect of Anolis sagrei on the communities in a betel nut palm plantation and secondary forest in southern Taiwan. Preliminary results indicate that spider abundance and species number were 1.6 and 1.2 times higher respectively in plantations with Anolis sagrei. This overall increase in spider abundance and species number in areas with Anolis sagrei may be the result of Anolis sagrei predation on specific family spiders such as Salticidae and spiders of understory composition of betel nut palm plantations. About 10% of lizard prey items were spiders, particularly Salticidae and Linyphiidae spiders. For Salticidae, known for high species diversity but low populations, direct predation by A. sagrei reduced both diversity and abundance. Hence, A. sagrei affect some specific spider families instead of overall spider families.

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